Women's Watch Trends in 2022

This year’s watch trends are ones to look out for, from minimalistic timepieces making a comeback and two-tones standing out in the world of women’s watches, we have put together our favourite trending timepieces that you need to know about in 2022.
Two-tone / Bi-colour watches
Two-tone watches combine mostly steel cases or bracelets with gold accents for a more versatile look. These pieces look heartwarmingly nostalgic, and make a case for the mixing of metals.
An example of this is the Omega Constellation 29mm Ladies watch, whilst it was a gorgeous watch in steel, it was in the two-tone version that this watch, after its post-quartz redesign, showed off its unique design features best.
Omega constellation two tone ladies watch
This watch perfectly shows off how a well designed two-tone watch should look, displaying true synergy between the gold and the steel and making it look more impressive than the watch would otherwise. 
Minimalistic Watches
Watches don’t necessarily have to feature complex and dimensional designs for them to feel special on someone’s wrist, that’s why there are watches with a minimalist style.
The best minimal watches for women are ones with a classic, timeless, and simple look. These watches are perfect for complementing any kind of outfit that you wear, with their versatile nature to look good with anything.
Hugo Boss Minimal Gold Ladies Watch
This Hugo Boss Signature Watch features a stainless steel case for a sleek finish. The collective gold tones throughout the watch present a unison of colour, accentuating its minimal design.
Michael Kors Minimal Grey / Silver Bracelet Strap Ladies Watch
The Michael Kors Ladies Pyper watch showcases a beautiful 38mm stainless steel case with scratch resistant mineral glass and a stunning white coloured dial, presenting a minimal aesthetic to add a modern finish.
Touch of Colour
Colour has always been an association with happiness, fun and positivity. Combining colour in a watch design will brighten up a neutral look and add that last touch to complete your spring outfit. 
Gucci G Timeless 27mm Ladies Watch

This expertly crafted Ladies Gucci-G Timeless 27mm Ladies Watch from the Timeless Fashion collection features an elegant 27mm Stainless Steel case which showcases unique hour markers and a stunning Pink Mother of Pearl dial, all protected by sapphire crystal glass. The Pink Mother of Pearl dial enhances the feelings of happiness its touch of colour brings.
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