Engagement Ring Trends 2021

by Arianne Baker on January 22, 2021
Simplicity and minimalism present itself as the most popular designs for 2021 in the world of engagement rings! We know how important it is to find an engagement ring you know you’ll love for the rest of your life, so we’ve picked out a few of our top picks.
Brown & Newirth Orchid Diamond Engagement Ring

Brown & Newirth Orchid Diamond Engagement Ring

Symbolising love, beauty and fertility this Brown & Newirth Orchid Engagement ring has a classic four claw design and a unique ‘compass’ setting, perfect for emphasising the brilliance of the diamond by letting in more light! This simple design holds elegance and grace and makes for the perfect 2021 engagement.
Brown & Newirth Embrace engagement ring

Brown & Newirth Embrace Engagement Ring

While oval-cut diamonds may have a classic look, they are simple and stunning. Oval shapes have become trendy for engagement rings and this one is a personal favourite! With an additional 0.50ct of round brilliant cut diamonds all handset in 18ct white gold. When aligned on the finger, an oval shape has an elegant lengthening effect too!
Emson Haig Marilyn Engagement Ring

Emson Haig Marilyn Engagement Ring

This gorgeous Emson Haig Marilyn Engagement ring has a cushion diamond set featuring a halo of diamonds around. Halo engagement rings aren’t going out of style anytime soon! The classic cushioning of small diamonds encircling a central diamond has remained a trendy feature of engagement rings in 2021 and we love the extra details, creating even more sparkle! 

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