Gucci GG running 18ct white gold round diamond ring

Add a hint of luxury to any look with the timeless Gucci Ladies GG Running Round Brilliant 18ct White Gold Diamond Ring. Crafted expertly from 18ct white gold, this ring features a diamond encrusted iconic Gucci interlocking G motif in the centre. Raised diamond studs add sparkle, texture and a contemporary look to this classic piece.

Enter the decadent mindset of the legendary Italian fashion house Gucci with the iconic GG Running collection. This luxurious collection features a selection of 18ct yellow and white gold jewellery, all proudly displaying the iconic Gucci interlocking double G motif. The GG collection truly demonstrates Gucci's expert craftsmanship and timeless designs. We offer a wide range of Gucci Jewellery both online and in store and all of our Gucci jewellery is presented to you in luxurious Gucci branded packaging.

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