Omega watches are the pinnacle of luxury watches. Their record breaking precision, reliability, versatility and good looks are but a few of the reasons why Omega watches have partnered with the likes of NASA, and the world's favourite secret agent - James Bond. Swiss made since 1848, Omega watches have been to the deepest depths of the ocean as well as the surface of the moon. Omega produced the first watch ever to be worn on the moon.

Omega watches were designed for the pioneers of our generation and is so sought after, it is the watch brand of choice for the latest James Bond film. Omega's record breaking precision means that there was no one better to be the official timekeeper of some of the largest worldwide sporting events and have recorded lap and track times in some of the most memorable moments in modern history. Innovation is at the heart of Omega. Through their specialist expertise Omega have helped shape and revolutionise the watch industry building their reputation to be one of the greatest Luxury Swiss Watchmakers in the modern world.